Self-Development – What Do You Want?

Self-Development – What Do You Want?

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The tension is building, the atmosphere, electric. All the risks and dangers have been emphasised bringing your anxiety and fear to an exquisite peak. Who will walk the fire first?

The responsibility of running a business will amplify all your personal weaknesses. Business is all about managing people, resources and systems, before you start you have to work on self-development.

Breakthrough activities like fire-walking are voluntary actions where you make a sudden, dramatic step of discovery. They play an important part in confronting your fears.

Fear is the most damaging of emotions, attacking you from many directions at once. You fear failure because you may lose confidence and respect, you fear success because of how it will change you. You keep your head down and cling to the perceived safety of your routine work.

As you grow, you learn how to face the fear, analyse it, break it down and manage it.  After all, fear has it’s place, it is there to protect you. It keeps you aware of what’s around you and the possibilities on offer.

In response to the fear and stress of starting a business, anger can rise up. Like picking up a hot coal to throw, anger serves no useful purpose. As you become more aware of self and others, and small successes increase your self confidence, more positive states like commitment and resilience flourish and feed back into your business achievements. Others begin to learn from you and value your wisdom.

At some point you enter the ‘zone’ where the sheer momentum of many small successes makes you unstoppable. Self-development opens your eyes to the possibilities of greatness and success. You stand out from the crowd as you become known as an expert, someone who solves problems and adds genuine value to the community.

You are not alone on this journey, there are many out there who are ready willing and eager to join you on the way. Talk to people, find out about them, what they need, what their story is.

A good attitude and self development go hand in hand. As you work on yourself, your attitude and demeanour improve, you become more receptive and attractive to the right people to work with and befriend.

Among top motivational speakers there are a tremendous number of ‘rags to riches’ stories. This is no accident. You will work your hardest when your ‘why’ is strongest, when you are genuinely hungry for success and prepared to do whatever good it takes. Then the magic happens and sharing your story will be an inspiration to others.

They say we are just a bundle of habits. When you take responsibility for yourself, letting go of unhelpful habits and attitudes and strengthening positive ones, you free up a tremendous source of energy within. Using affirmations, stating what you want to become confidently and in the present tense, conditions your mind for success.  Imagine how powerful you can become, what you can achieve.