Personal Health – Look After Yourself

Personal Health – Look After Yourself Jogging

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You need to have boundless energy and drive to be a thought leader, inspire others with your story, to spread your ideas. You have to look after yourself and your health first to be able to accomplish your objectives.

Why are so many people overweight and out of condition? When you next watch TV just look at the number of ads for food and drinks that are loaded with sugar, sweeteners, fat and alcohol. How many more, similar ads do you see in other media every day? Compare that to the number of ads for healthier options, eating fruit, taking a walk or drinking water. And to what extent are we misled by businesses and the government? So called ‘low fat’ foods loaded with sugar (which is addictive) are a prime example.

Pharmaceutical companies bombard us with ads for drugs promising instant relief from everything from colds and flu to back pain. 30% of the US adult population use anti-depressants. We are encouraged to demand instant solutions to our ailments rather than looking for the roots of many of our health issues in an unhealthy lifestyle. And we pay the price for this dependency on quick fixes with our health, as antibiotic resistance becomes an increasingly serious concern.

We also have to avoid worrying too much and becoming neurotic about our fitness. We can set our fitness goals carefully, to suit our aims and individual capacities. We all have a natural fitness level determined by our genetics, early age nutrition, lifestyle and mind-set and a specialist trainer can help tailor an exercise programme appropriate to us.

Experiment by making better choices. Take out the fizzy drinks, high fat, salt, sugary and over-processed foods. Add more fresh fruit and vegetables, exercise, go for a walk and see what happens.  We evolved as hunter gatherers living with food scarcity, much of the back and joint pain we experience now is simply down to sitting on chairs for so much of the time. Take every opportunity to get out of the chair, walk, jog or run.

Treat your body like a well maintained (and very valuable!) machine. Listen to your body and if there is persistent pain then get it fixed by your body mechanic, your chiropractic expert or trainer. What if you have to live with certain medical issues? Can you still run a business well? Is it possible to be a great entrepreneur and be living with a medical condition? Certainly! Does the issue of not having sick pay when self-employed help to concentrate your mind in keeping in the best of health? Definitely!