Building Your Personal Brand – Who Are You?

Building Your Personal Brand – Who Are You?

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You are your brand. To be heard in the noisy marketplace your personal brand must be powerful and memorable. Sharing your story, your personal ideals and purpose, builds confidence and trust in you more effectively than a list of facts. Your reputation precedes you as your sphere of influence expands and confidence in you increases.

Writing a book will clarify your mind and highlight gaps in your understanding. You probably underestimate how much you know and the value of your experience. If you had avoided the mistakes you made and dead ends you have travelled down, what would that be worth to you? A book confers authority and acts as your sales representative, it gives you credibility and can be split into blog posts and your online lead magnet. A photograph on the cover lets people put a name to a face. Expand on your core value, goals and interests as you build your personal website. In revealing your authentic self, people see you as a well rounded character which builds rapport and makes them more comfortable about dealing with you. It can also lead to unexpected networking opportunities.

Business owners want to deal with the best they can get and to succeed you must become known as an expert in your field. Take every opportunity to speak either as a guest or at your own events and make yourself known to media outlets.

Who do you want to work with? Attend and host events where you can meet generous, positive, energetic, solution minded people and develop those attributes in yourself. Avoid being someone who can only talk about themselves, listen to what others tell you about their business and current problems. In turn other like minded people will be attracted to you.

To make the world a better place and accomplish positive change you have a duty to inspire others to join you on your journey. Talk to schools, churches, community centres, in workplaces and workshops and show how you make a contribution to the community. Become a thought leader, open people’s minds to an expanding vision of hope and abundance. Show the benefits of wealth in spirit and community rather than in material goods.

There is no one else quite like you. No-one knows the challenges you have overcome to get where you are. You and your story are unique and you possess a wealth of knowledge and experience vital to someone else on their path to greater fulfilment.