5 Tips On How To Choose A Printer

1 What is the cheapest printer to buy?

Colour inkjet printers are the cheapest to buy initially, starting from about £40. Inkjet printers often come supplied with a “starter pack” of ink cartridges that are only partly filled and used only to set up the printer. Remember to check the price and buy some proper cartridges with the printer. Most shops offer a one year guarantee, a smaller number, like John Lewis offer a two year guarantee.

2 What is the cheapest printer to run?

Black and white (monochrome) laser printers have the cheapest running costs. Laser printers from all the major manufacturers are usually very reliable and have a cost per page of about 5p. Colour laser printers are also available. Check the printing capacity and prices of replacement toner cartridges before you choose a printer.

3 How should I connect my printer?

A USB cable is the simplest and most reliable connection between computer (or laptop) and printer. The printer is usually installed automatically when an internet connection is available. A wireless connection via a router is most convenient if the printer and computer are not close together. Some printers are much easier than others to set up on wireless. A network setup control panel on the printer itself is a very useful feature. It is wise to lock down the IP address of the printer. An Ethernet connection is best in a networked environment where the printer is to be shared.

4 Which printer is best for printing photos?

Dedicated photo printing ink jet printers with up to seven ink cartridges give the best photo colour rendition results. Just one blocked nozzle will give unsightly horizontal lines on your pictures.

5 Which printer is best for a Mac?

In addition to the notes above, you should check that your chosen printer is compatible with your Apple device and operating system version, see https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201465


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