Windows 10 at Home: Risks and Benefits

Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system sweeps away many of the annoyances of Windows 8. The Start Menu is back! The shark infested areas at the edge of your screen are gone! So, should you upgrade to Windows 10? Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

If you are on Windows 8 the choice is pretty clear – go for it! Most people making the move from 8 to 10 have found that their computers run more quickly and are easier to use. Almost all programs like Microsoft Office and hardware like printers and scanners will still work with Windows 10.

If you are on Windows 7 the choice is less easy – it all depends! Your machine and peripherals will be slightly older and there is a risk that some of your hardware will not work properly because the drivers (programs that run the hardware) have not been developed yet.

One of the promoted features of Windows 10 is Cortana, your cloud based artificial intelligence digital personal assistant. Cortana will help you remember and remind you of appointments, help you find specific documents on your computer and find answers to questions that you type or say. Fantastically powerful and included “free” with Windows 10 but it does come with an impact on your online privacy. In order to give you the best service Cortana needs to know all about you so when it is enabled it has access to your location, document and web searches, your contacts and calendar.