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When I was lad I would eagerly await the latest PC World magazine.

Full of news, ideas and innovation. 

Computers seemed to get faster every week.

New games came thick and fast.

Not so much now.

Why has the pace of change slowed down?

Why aren’t we being offered faster computers as much now?

Moore’s Law is breaking down!

Back in the day, the number of transistors on a chip doubled every year.

Integrated circuits got faster and faster.

Not any more (No pun intended).

Physics limits how small we can make these transistors and chip factories have hit that limit.

So no more ads for faster laptops.

But what does it mean for you if you have a 3 or 4 year old machine?

Good news!

You can put a new spring in its step by upgrading your old spinning disk hard drive with a new solid state drive.

These new SSDs are much faster because they have no moving parts. And they’re affordable.

Give me a bell to find out if this fix is right for you.


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