Web Directories Cheat Sheet

by | May 4, 2018

All You Need To Know for Web Directories


Basic Project:£500
Support: 48 hours.

Needed Information for Directories


What They Do:Company Name:Link:
Mobile Phone RepairPhone Geekzfacebook.com/phonegeekz
TelecomsZone Business Solutionszonebs.co.uk
CleanersNow Then Cleanersnowthencleaners.co.uk
PhotographyKristen Johnson Photographykirstenjohnsonphotography.co.uk
Financial PlannerClear Future Wealth Ltd.clearfuturewealth.co.uk


1 Business Name

Your business trading name.


2 Business Address

Where you want your clients to go to get your services


3 Business Category

What your business does e.g. Plumber, IT Consultant, Florist


4 Business Phone Number

What number you want your clients ringing to get your services


5 Website URL

Your business’s website url


6 Business Opening Times

Times during the week your business provides services or/and product


7 Small Business Description

Telling people a bit about your business.


8 Business Logo or Profile Picture

The logo of your company or a picture that sums it up.


If you don’t want to do this or don’t have the time you can call or email us .

We provide complete IT support, website services, social media & directories setup.

Call us on 0114 321 9910 or email jonathan@uksno1.com if you need help.

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