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Good CauseWhat do you do? What is the minimum donation that you will accept from a business?How often? One off or regular payment?Logo UseLogo on the charity website?Other payments
Element SocietySo our tagline is “Element believes in young people achieving the unbelievable.”

A bit more detail though “Element non-profit youth charity delivering development, social action and enterprise programmes to young people and vulnerable adults. Our aims are to empower young people to make a positive change their communities, raise their own aspirations and become role models to their peers.”
£25 would allow Element to offer a matched bursary place to a disadvantaged young person to participate in one of our programmes. In the past, these small donations have had huge positive impacts on young people’s lives. Larger donations provide much more scope for impact – for example: Duke of Edinburgh Award for disadvantaged young adults, or development programmes for young disabled people, or even supporting a volunteer brokerage service for young people with special educational needs.
Donations that cover specific costs, such as our rent or energy bills would have an unbelievable impact on our organisation allowing Element to do more specialised development programmes for young people in need.
One-off and regular donations have a positive impact.We would allow a business to use our logo on their site for the minimum donation of £25.For £25 donations, the logo would be featured on a supporters page. For larger donations, there would be the option of blog posts and featured pages. Where the whole programme was sponsored there would be the option of co-branding the programme.Certainly, Element can accept donations in-kind. Laptops, cameras, phones and other electrical equipment are always needed. Stationary and office supplies are invaluable!
Bluebell WoodWe look after children and families living with a life shortening illness£1A regular payment is always better for consistency in treatment delivery but one off payments are still most welcome.Businesses can use our ‘supporting logo’ if they buy one of our sponsorship packages that start at only £25 a yearAbsolutely! We give prominence to our corporate supporters on our social media, website, publications and leaflets. Our fundraisers are also more than happy to promote our supporters businesses at the networks, conferences and exhibitions they attend.Most definitely! We have accepted gifts in kind for anything from stationery and event tickets to social media impact analysis and mini bus servicing.
Millhouse Animal ShelterWe rescue and rehome if possible,large & small non exotic animals.We will accept any donation offeredRegular or one off donations are acceptableOur logo would be available to Businesses to use, donation to be agreedOur charity would feature a business logo on the website etc.We certainly would accept payment in kind,services or materials
Cavendish Cancer CareCavendish Cancer Care is a local, independent charity that provides essential emotional and nurturing support to local families across the Sheffield City Region that have been affected by Cancer.There is no minimum donation. Every penny helps to keep our doors open.We can accept one-off donations or regular payments but we strive for long-lasting enduring relationships with our business partners.A business may use our logo on their website providing there is a relationship between us and the business and a link to our website is present, also. The minimum donation that we ask is that the business joins The Cavendish Business Club at a cost of £380 which is the cost for one person to use our free services. Our service for that individual includes an initial in-depth assessment, 4 therapy sessions and a review from our highly trained assessors/therapists. If more treatment is needed, then this can be extended free of charge. A person will be seen within 5 working days from when they pick up the phone to make their appointment.Cavendish will feature a business logo on our website provided the business joins the Cavendish Business Club (as per the above) but we will of course thank and acknowledge any support we receive from any businesses on our social media pages, whether it be a cake and coffee sale, a charity walk/run or anything else that could raise vital funds for us.We can accept payments in kind. Raffle prizes.
Learn for Life EnterpriseLearn for Life Enterprise is a community hub looking after vulnerable and hard to reach members of the local area.£10We are always grateful to receive any donationsYes, £100Yes, we can place it on our website and in the actual buildingYes
Archer ProjectWe work with homeless adults from sleeping bag to employment and a fulfilling enjoyable life.Anything – sometimes just coming down to visit the project can be the start of a wonderful long-term relationship that is a win/win for both organisationsAnything WelcomeYes – a working relationship – does not have to involve cashYesYes, please talk to us first