Backup – You never know when you’re going to trip over your laptop cable


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You never know when you’re going to trip over your laptop cable. When you do is probably the time you think about your data backup. Use one of these backup methods to dig yourself out of a hole.

You can either cry into your tea when disaster strikes or you can be prepared like a cub scout. Accidents will happen either way. And there’s no excuse. You have loads of choice when it comes to data backup – some of them are even free.

You have 3 broad categories of data protection

  • Local storage devices
  • Cloud backup services
  • Remote file synchronisation

Local storage means things like memory sticks, CDs, DVDs, external plug in hard drives and local network drives. In an emergency you can get your data back quickly and easily by plugging in your backup hardware and copying back your files. Never work directly off of a backup drive or memory stick.

A cloud backup service is a space in a remote server outside of your premises where your documents and pictures are kept. It may take some time to get your stuff back if the files and folders are large.

Remote file synchronisation systems like Dropbox and Onedrive are great because you can just access your important data from another computer. The bad news is that  there is little protection from somebody accidentally deleting documents.

7 ways to backup your data

  • External HDD – easy
  • Network accessed storage – built in hardware redundancy
  • USB stick – cheapest last resort
  • DVDs, CDs – slow and small nowadays
  • Tape – slow and secure
  • Cloud storage – modern favourite
  • Synch stye Dropbox Google Drive Onedrive – popular and start for free

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