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Laboratory equipment

A quality range of reusable, laboratory consumable products, manufactured in England and supplied under the SAMCO brand since 1915, to cover a wide range of laboratory applications.

Key products include: Test tubes, Flat bottom specimen tubes, Glass vials, Plasticware, Dissecting equipment, General apparatus.

Surgical instruments

Made in Sheffield – the heart of the British steel industry – a high quality range of reusable surgical instruments, guaranteed for 10 years.

Key disciplines include: General and Thoracic, Gynaecology, Urology and Proctology, Dental and Chiropody, Neurological and Orthopaedic, ENT and Plastic Surgery

Packaging containers

S Murray & Co has over 25 year’s experience manufacturing plastic bottles.

As a British manufacturer, the company not only offers standard containers from 5ml to 25 litre, but also the opportunity to design, mould and print custom-made bottles for a unique customer experience.

S Murray & Company Ltd

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